Heated Driveways & Snow Melting Systems: Electric heated driveways and snowmelt systems are proving to be effective and efficient for keeping driveways, sidewalks, ramps, etc., free of snow and ice. These radiant heat systems are fully automated and maintenance free. Warmzone also includes professional system design, installation support and free installation training for installers. Roof Deicing and Gutter Trace: Warmzone offers a variety of proven roof heating and gutter trace solutions that are among the best in class. The advanced RoofHeat STEP system features a thin, flexible self-regulating polymer heating element that can be installed under shingle and metal roofs. Self-regulating heat cable is ideal for keeping gutters and downspouts free of ice. Portable Snow Melting: WarmTrax portable heated traction mats are ideal for affordably heating heavily trafficked areas during the winter. These premium quality, durable mats and stair treads provide an affordable alternative to embedded snowmelt systems and manual snow removal. Simply plug the mats in and enjoy safe, snow-free sidewalks, steps and entryways. Hydronic Radiant Heat: In addition to heating floors, hydronic snow melting systems also provide a viable solution for keeping driveways and sidewalks free of snow. Warmzone hydronic systems feature the most advanced components available, and can be embedded in a variety of driveway surfaces, including concrete, under pavers, and even in hot asphalt applications.
ComfortTile Heated Floors: This industry leading floor heating system is Warmzone’s most trusted and popular radiant floor heating solution. The thin, durable heating cable can be installed to heat virtually all types of flooring, including tile, marble, laminates and hardwood. The system is easy to customize and the cable can be purchased on spools or mats for easy installation. Low-Voltage FloorHeat: The innovative FloorHeat STEP system features a unique, thin, self-regulating polymer heating element that is one of the most recommended solutions for heating hardwood floors. Because it is so thin, the FloorHeat STEP system requires virtually no floor buildup. This maintenance-free system comfortably spreads heat evenly throughout your hardwood floors. In-Slab Heat Cable: Designed for installation in concrete slabs, the rugged In-Slab heat cable is a favorite among homeowners and construction professionals. The cable is secured to remesh so when concrete is poured the heat cable is about 1-inch below the surface. The concrete stores and distributes the heat, making this a very efficient floor heating solution. FilmHeat Floor Heating: This floor heating system utilizes a highly effective, paper-thin heating element that is ideal for heating laminate and other flooring surfaces. The thin heating element is also ideal for retrofitting existing floors with radiant heat. By accessing the floor joists, FilmHeat can be stapled up and then Batt insulation is applied to direct all the heat upwards.