Roof Deicing and Snow Melting Systems Roof with icicles - in need of a roof deicing system
Roof heating systems can be customized to accommodate just about any roof type and configuration. Both electric roof heat and hydronic roof heating systems are available. Warmzone looks at each structure and challenge individually without assuming one system will be the optimal solution to every project. A valued roof deicing system is based on its cost, performance and aesthetics. Based on your budget and needs we will maximize your investment to the best working system possible. (A large assortment of roof heating options are available to choose from.)

Warmzone roof heating systems eliminate prolonged ice damming that can cause moisture to seep through roofing materials into roof decking before finding its way inside, damaging ceilings, walls and floors and resulting in mold growth. Invest in a quality roof heating system and protect your home from structural damage as well as keep the perimeter of your business or home safe.

Heatsink heated roof system being installed under metal roof. Heated roof.
 Heat sink roof heating system.  Heated roof at mountain lodge. Installing a roof heating system.

Roof heating systems should be installed by a qualified contractor or handy homeowners. The electrical work such as wiring the snow sensor and control unit must be performed by a licensed electrician. Warmzone also has a list of qualified radiant heat installers in your area that can install your heated roof system. Feel free to contact us with questions about installing our products or for help planning a roof heating project.

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